The Groningen Islamic Studies Group is meant to be a space for sharing knowledge and information, both between scholars in different faculties, and among individuals (students, researchers, the larger Groningen community) who are interested in discussing, and learning more about, Islam. The GISG also aims to counter, at a scholarly level, the sometimes hurtful, and often simplistic, narratives about Islam that dominate the media of many contemporary societies.

 NameDomain of ResearchFocus of ResearchMore information
Drs. Kholoud Al-AjarmaAnthropology of Muslim Societies Islam and daily life/ Pilgrimage studies/ religion in the MENA regionrelations
The Kurdish Question

schermafbeelding-2016-09-24-om-17-30-06Drs. Erdoğan AykaçInternational RelationsTurkish political elites
Turkey/EU relations
The Kurdish Question


Prof. Wout Jac. van BekkumMiddle East StudiesMediaeval Hebrew Poetry
Andalusia and the Islamic East
Judaeo-Arabic language and poetry

Prof. Marjo BuitelaarContemporary Islam: anthropology Islam and daily life
Muslims in diaspora
Life story research
Drs. Marije CosterQur'an and Early IslamThe representation of Jews and Christians in the Qur'an
Pre- and early Islamic Arabic poetry
Drs. Annette HansonLate Antique and Islamic Archaeology / Archaeobotany The Levant: Agricultural Economy, Diet, Environment
schermafbeelding-2016-09-24-om-18-11-22Drs. Eelko HooijmaaijersHistory of the Modern Middle EastIslamic Republic of Iran
Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
Drs. Iis IstiqomahContemporary Islam: AnthropologyHadrami Arabs of Ambon
Ethnicity and Religion
Dr. Lidewijde de JongAntique and Islamic ArcheologyReconstruction of ancient imperialism from the perspective of local communities (currently: funerary practices in the Roman province of Syria)
Dr. Chris LamontInternational politics
Transitional Justice
Egypt and Tunisia: International Criminal Justice
Dr. Tilman LanzMigration and Diaspora StudiesMuslims in Europe
Diasporic Practices of Islam
Religion and Group Identity Formation
Prof. Fred LeemhuisClassical and contemporary IslamDakhla oasis (Egypt)
Dr. Pieter NanningaContemporary Islam and Middle Eastern studiesJihadism, violence and martyrdom videos
Drs. Ayub Naser
Drs. Kiki SantingContemporary Islam: religion and politicsEgyptian Muslim Brotherhood (1971-2011)
Dr. Clare WildeFormative Islam and the History of Christian-Muslim RelationsQur’ān and early tafsīr
Reception of the Qur’ān
Christian texts (Arabic, Latin, Syriac)