The GISG (Groningen Islamic Studies Group) is a place for individuals (students, researchers, the larger Groningen community and beyond) who are interested in discussing, and learning more about, Islam. At Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, a number of academics research aspects of Islam and/or Islamic societies.  At the University, these researchers periodically meet to share their research. But, as the interest in Islam extends beyond the  classroom, this website is intended both for academics and the larger community.

In addition to academic scholarship, this site highlights the cultural  richness and diversity of Muslims, be it through news items, photographs, art and architecture, food,  books, films, or music. It also feature a range of international and local items of interest. For those in the Groningen area, we look forward to seeing you at casual evening gatherings to discuss topics of mutual interest at local venues.

As this is intended as a ‘crowd-sourced’ forum, your thoughts are very welcome! We look forward to hearing from you (through the CONTACT US tab).